Data Protection Notice: Students who use the VLE


What is this Notice about?
This notice explains what personal data is collected when the course you are studying involves the use of our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It explains how we use the data and who we may share the data with.

Who is the Notice for?
The notice is directed specifically at those students whose use the VLE. It supplements the more general. Student Data Protection Notice.

How does AiTS check this Notice is read?
The VLE flags when a student has accepted this Notice.

Who can you contact if you have any queries about this Notice?
You may contact the company’s Data Protection Officer, Richard Goddard.

Who is processing your personal and sensitive personal data?
If you use the VLE provided by Ai Training Services Ltd (AiTS), AiTS will control the personal data we collect as part of the VLE enrolment process and as part of your ongoing use of the VLE.

If you enrol on a course that is a Higher Education Qualification with our partner De Montfort University, AiTS will control and process much of your data however we will also share data with the university, such as the results of any assessments.

If you have any questions about how we process your data, you can contact our data protection officer at;

The Data Protection Officer, Richard Goddard
Unit A5 Lakeside Business Park
South Cerney
Main switchboard: 01285 864650.

What data do we store on the VLE
To operate successfully the VLE stores the following personal information about you:

  • Your user name and password,
  • Your email address (your email address is visible to other members of your course),
  • The pages within the site you visit,
  • Any quizzes you complete including your score,
  • Your assessments and your results including feedback where given.

You may store the following optional information

  • Information about where you live,
  • A photograph and information about your hobbies and likes.

What we use the data for
We use your data to provide you with access to online courses at Statistical information about usage of the site is also used to improve the site and services provided on the VLE.

It is your responsibility to ensure your personal data is correct.  You can usually correct any errors on your profile page or you can contact us to correct the information for you.

Our legal basis for processing your data
Our legal basis for processing your personal, is that the processing is necessary for the performance of the contract you enter into with us when registering for a course. The data we collect is required data, and failure to provide this data may mean you cannot access your course on the VLE.

Who will have access to your data?
Only those staff within AiTS who administrate your education will have access to the data you provide at registration. This willinclude staff within the administration department and academic staff.

Where your award is an external award such as a De Montfort University (DMU) Award we will also share your data including results of tests and exams.  Their privacy statements can be found here.

Who else may receive your data?
It is not possible to list all the bodies with whom we might have to share your personal data, but the following are examples of when AiTS will release data about you to third parties;

  • Where we have a legitimate reason in connection with your time studying with us, or
  • Where we are under a legal requirement to do so, such as to a Courts or enforcement authority.
  • AiTS has a duty of care to all its students and therefore, if we have a justifiable concern about a student’s welfare, we may pass a student’s contact details and information about the concern over the student to an appropriate third party, e.g. an employer or a mental health team, to safeguard that student.
  • Where students are enrolled on courses which are accredited by professional bodies, some identifying data may be passed to the appropriate professional body in order for students to be registered with that professional body.
  • Where students are sponsored by, for example, their employer or embassy or country, AiTS will provide details of attendance and attainment to the sponsor on request. Requests for any further data will be considered on a case by case basis and AiTS may contact the student concerned for their consent to this further disclosure.
  • AiTS uses the TurnitinUK© anti-plagiarism software which could involve some personal data being released to other HE institutions for comparison purposes.
  • AiTS will not release data to any third person without there being a legitimate reason to do so or, where you ask us to release such data. This means that we will not release data to banks, friends, relatives, etc., without your prior agreement. If you wish us to provide data in these circumstances you should provide us with written consent to release the data, stating the name and contact details of the individual to whom you wish the data to be sent, and advise the particular data you agree can be released / discussed.

    Will your data be stored abroad?
    VLE data is stored on servers within the EEA.

    For long will we store your data?
    We will retain your full student record for six years after you last studied with AiTS so that we can fulfil our function of recording details of the awards we or our Awarding Body partners make, and provide details of your education and references when asked to do so. (After these six years we will retain transcript data only to enable us to confirm details of your award.)

    Your rights
    You are entitled to;

    • Request a copy of the data you provide to us in an electronic format so that you may pass that data to another body (this is called a right to data portability).
    • Request a copy of the data we hold about you (this is called a Subject Access Request).
    • You are also entitled to raise an objection to the processing where the processing of data we hold about you is likely to cause you damage or distress.
    • You are entitled to ask us to rectify any incorrect data.
    • You may ask us to restrict any further processing of your data or to erase your data (the right to be forgotten). However, whereas you have the right to withdraw your consent for processing your personal data where it been supplied with your consent (this would normally be additional data you voluntarily supplied and we recorded) you cannot withdraw your consent from data you supplied as part of your contract with us as the data is required to carry out the contract. For example, you could not ask us to delete your academic record.

    Other documents you should read
    As a student with AiTS you should read the general student data protection notice.  It is not specific to data stored on the VLE.

    If you require any further information on, or wish to object to any of the uses to which we put your data, you should contact our data protection officer whose contact details appear at the start of this page.

    Finally, you have the right to complain about the processing of your data to the UK regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office. For more information about this body and how to make a complaint, please see

    You can download a PDF copy of this notice from here.


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