C10007 Bosch crash data retrieval course


By agreement with manufacturers the Bosch data retrieval tool can be plugged into either the OBD port on a compatible vehicle. Where the vehicle can no longer be powered, the airbag unit can be removed and plugged into the retrieval tool using the appropriate lead. The process is non destructive and only a copy of the data is taken.

The data varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but will typically include road speed, steering input, braking and throttle inputs and seats occupied for the seconds leading up to the deployment of the airbag. Some manufacturers will also store data above a certain threshold despite there being no airbag deployment.

Bosch require all users of their equipment to sit and pass their courses in order to use their retrieval tool.

There are two courses, a technicians course for those who simply wish to recover the data from the vehicle and an analysts course for those who wish to interpret and comment on the data. In the UK, most collision investigators will sit both the Technicians and the Analyst course.

Technicians course

A one day e-learning course for those who will be downloading the data from crashed vehicles using the Bosch crash data retrieval course. Please note that to analyse the data you will need to successfully complete the Analyst course.

You will learn how to connect the CDR tool to the vehicle and how to overcome simple connectivity problems. One connected, how to image the data from the airbag or power control module. Data integrity is key to this course. You will take the practical assessment for this course on day one of the Analyst course.

Analyst course

A four day course for those who wish to analyse data from crashed vehicles using the Bosch crash data retrieval tool. You will learn how to describe the CDR system for the benefit of the Court. How to interpret the downloaded data in the context of other collision data also collected at the scene. Identification of case-critical information. How to judge/assess the reliability and accuracy of the information.

Analysts should complete the one day technicians e-learning course prior to attending this course. The practical assessment for the technicians course takes place on day one of this course.

Pre-course study


Study method

e-learning and classroom.

What you will need

You require a laptop running Windows 10 with wifi enabled. To save time please preloaded the Bosch software.

Teaching and assessment

The Technicians course is studied by distance learning direct from the EUDarts website (fee payable) prior to attending the residential Analysts course. The practical assessment for the Technicians course takes place on day one of the analysts course. The Analysts course is classroom based with practical work during the course.  There is a final written examination.

Whats the qualification

The course is certificated by Bosch and EUDarts.

How to register

Check the course calendar to see when the next presentation and phone to book a place.

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The course at a glance

Code: C10007A and C10007B
Credits: None
Level: Not mapped
Duration: 4 days
Type: On line e-learning + classroom
Assessment: Practical and written exam


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